BrightWin and the Casts of "2Gether The Series" Reunited in #Play2Gether

Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin  #BrightWin together with three more casts of the hit Thai BL Series "2Gether The Series"  namely Toptap (P'Type), Gun (Sarawat's friend), and Guy (P'Dim) reunited in a night full of fun and music in GMMTV's special #Play2Gether.

#Play2Gether is a special musical and talk show featuring the casts of their recently concluded hit Boys Love Series "2Gether The Series." The show showcased the musical talents of the casts. Bright and Win sung their songs, some of their series' OST while Toptap, Gun, and Guy showed their talents in playing musical instruments.

But the star of the night goes to no other than our bunny Win Metawin! He made the night fun, cool, and lively with his humor chasing and playing with the toy snake!

Well, without further ado, check out our video reaction about #Play2Gether and see how our SarawaTine and the other casts spread good vides. Here they go:

Are you missing more Sarawat and Tine? Looking forward for more BrightWin guesting and TV and online appearances while waiting for "2Gether The Series" Season 2! Good luck and more power Bright and Win! 5/31/2020 (Boys Love Central)

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