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Kokoy De Santos and Elijah Canlas Lead the Pinoy Web BL Series 'Gameboys'

After the success of his Indie Film "Fuccbois" which just trended on the world wide web on the previous month, newbie hot actor Kokoy De Santos is up again for another project. This time, it's a Pinoy Boys Love web series called "Gameboys."

Actually this is not the first time that Kokoy is doing a BL series. Prior to "Gamesboys," Kokoy is also doing an iWant original BL series called "Oh Mando" pairing him to the controversial Kapamilya actor Alex Diaz. It just only "Gameboys" was shown first online following the success of the hit Thai BL series '"2Gether The Series."

In "Gamesboys," Kokoy is paired to another promising newbie actor Elijah Canlas. In the said Pinoy BL series, Kokoy and Elijah are playing the characters of Gavree and Cairo, both gamers. 
The said PH Boys Love Series just premiered its first episode last Friday, May 23, 2020 in IdeaFirst Company's YouTube Channel.

Well if you missed watching its first episode, here it is:

The pilot episode of "Gameboys" is a 10 mins and 41 seconds video. And yes, it receives good feedback from the netizens.Though the episode is too short, many requested for a longer one on the succeeding videos.

Meanwhile, checkout below the different language translations of the said BL series proving that it captured the hearts and attentions of different nationalities:

 Now that you witnessed "Gameboys" Episode 1, are you excited for the next episodes? What is your reaction after watching Kokoy and Elijay in this very own PH BL series?

Quick background about Elijah, if Kokoy lead in the controversial 2019 Cinemalaya film "Fuccbois," Elijah on the other hand starred in "Kalel, 15." Do you think Kokoy and Elijah perfectly matched in this BL series?  05/24/2020 (Boys Love Central)

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