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Meet the BL Boys of GMMTV!

GMMTV, one of the largest network and talent management in Thailand is also known now as one of the huge producers of BL series or boys love series. Month by month, they always produce or introduce different BL projects. Actually in a week, you could watch two or more BL series in their network or in their YouTube or other social media channels.

And because of their BL series, different BL actors and BL couples instantly rise to fame! They easily captivate our hearts making us falling in love over and over again!

From 2016 to 2019 they gave us KristSingto, OffGun,  and TayNew. In 2020, they paved way for an iconic rise of BrightWin. From 2021 up to this year 2023, we have OhmNanon, EarthMix, PondPhuwin, FirstKhaotung, JimmySea, ForceBook, JoongDunk, and our newest cute babies GeminiFourth.

Who among these BL actors and BL couples do you like and love the most?

Oh well, the photo above is randomly selected and posted by GMMTV on their social media accounts. Some of your favorite BL actors and BL couples are not on the picture. :)

And since 2023 is not yet over, expect that more BL actors and new BL couples will rise to fame! Who do you think will be next on their list? 06/18/2023 (Boys Love Central) 

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