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BrightWin is Getting Ready for their "Side By Side" Concert in Japan!

BrightWin, the well-loved BL love team of Thai superstars Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin is reunited once more. This time, for their concert, the "Side By Side" in Japan.

And prior to their concert, our lovely boys were getting ready to conquer the land of the rising sun! The cute photo of these two boys together are getting viral on social media! And here is their photo together:

This photo which is originally posted by GMMTV on twitter is simultaneously retweeted, liked, and shared. Fans and netizens were truly happy to BrightWin together again even for just a concert series.

Right after the leak of their photo together, the hashtag #BWreadyforJP immediately trended worldwide!

The "Side By Side" concert of BrightWin in Japan is set to happen this weekends, June 17 and 18 at PIA Arena MM in Japan. Here is the official poster of their concert:

Are you more excited for their concert in Japan? Japan is truly one of the huge fans and lovers of BrightWin ever since their hit BL series "2Gether The Series" aired on their country! Congrats! 06/15/2023 (Boys Love Central)    


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