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OhmNanon No More!

The BL community was left broken and crying since yesterday as GMMTV, the talent management who is handling the career of the famous BL actors in Thailand announced that OhmNanon is not anymore an official love team or BL couple.

The said announcement was made prior to GMMTV's announcement of their upcoming press conference regarding their upcoming 2024 shows!

OhmNanon or the BL tandem of Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat is not anymore part of GMMTV's love team. No more upcoming projects together for these two as a couple. Instead, the two will be working on separate projects.

Meanwhile, OhmNanon is replaced by WinnySatang, the side couple of the 2023's smash BL series "My School President" led by GeminiFourth.

OhmNanon instantly rose in fame in 2021 after leading in another GMMTV's huge BL series "Bad Buddy." They also returned in the final two episodes of "Our Skyy 2."

Because of this OhmNanon separation, what do you think will be the new tandem of Ohm and Nanon in the future? Make your wild guess! 10/10/2023 (Boys Love Central) 


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