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Cute Brothers Turbo and Fourwheels are One of "Nitiman The Series" Lead Actors!

Look, cute real-life brothers Turbo and Fourwheels are two of the lead actors of the recently premiered Thai BL series, the "Nitiman The Series."

The two join Kaownah on the said exciting campus-themed BL.

And during the premiere of the series on May 7, 2021, Turbo, Fourwheels, and Kaownah along with the other lead characters of the series went on a fun live! They even reacted and talked about their first episode! 

Here are their series livestreams during the premiere of their episode:

If you can recall, Fourwheels is part of the BL series, "Oxygen The Series" where he played the character of Khem, the young brother of the shipper Khim. 

On the other hand, Turbo is the rumored boyfriend of Kaownah. They always go together in different places and events and on their different IG lives.  

Are you loving now these two cute brothers? How about their newest series? Feel free to express your thoughts and comments! 05/09/2021 (Boys Love Central)

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