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GeminiFourth and JimmySea: The BL Couples' Double Date in Japan!

Two of our well-loved GMMTV BL couples are caught dating in Japan! Oh yes, GeminiFourth and JimmySea are having their double date in one of the authentic restaurants in Japan.

Well, without further ado, let me share with your their lovely groupie or group "double date" photo. Here they go:

They are really looking good altogether! Pair by pair, perfect match for one another! They are so lovely, very promising boys love couples of GMMTV! Their chemistry is so overflowing, so strong that we can't resist! And yes, they four are really so handsome!  

JimmySea and GeminiFourth are also in the list of GMMTV's official BL couples which they announced and confirmed just recently. JimmySea or the tandem of Jimmy Jitaraphol and Sea Tawinan started their tandem in their first BL series "Vice Versa." On the other hand, GeminiFourth or the love team of  Gemini Norawit and Fourth Nattawat emerged so successful after their smash hit BL series "My School President."  Their stories continue in the two different episodes of "Our Skyy 2" as followups to their first successful BL series.  

Who's excited for JimmySea and GeminiFourth together again in a new series? Well, we will definitely keep you posted! 10/16/2023 (Boys Love Central)


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