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Joong Archen Aydin in Casual Black is Still Hot and Handsome

After transferring to GMMTV, Thai heartthrob and now full bloomed BL actor Joong Archen Aydin instantly rose to fame. He is now one of the favorite and most-loved BL actor. His tandem with Dunk Natachai called JoongDunk is also well supported by fans and BL lovers worldwide after leading in the BL series "Star and Sky: Star in My Mind." 

So everyone is keeping an eye for Joong and Dunk!  So well for today, let me share with you an update from Joong. Here he goes:

Joong just shared these photos on his official twitter account. As you can see, Joong or Chen is still handsome wearing a casual wear and maong pants. Viewers and netizens are really falling in love with him!

And just recently, Joong and Dunk or JoongDunk starred in "Our Skyy 2" continuing the love story of Dao and Kluen.  In social media and in some activities, Joong and Dunk are always seen together! They are getting more closer and closer!

Who wants a new BL series or BL project for JoongDunk? Count us in! 06/18/2023 (Boys Love Central) 

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