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BrightWin Looking Good Together on their "Side By Side" Hongkong Concert

Our well-loved Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin or BrightWin BL couple just had their successful "Side By Side" concert in Hongkong. They even had their exclusive interview together in Hongkong's well-known network right after their concert.

And again, BrightWin is so perfect together before and after their concert. They even had their post-event photo together which really makes them a perfect pair! Both of them are so fresh and handsome!

Oh well, let me share with you BrightWin's photo together right after their concert event and fan meet. Here they go:

They are so perfect to one another! As they say, "match made in heaven!" Agree?

Though the said "Side By Side" is not more about their BL tandem or about "2Gether The Series," fans are still screaming to have a season 3 of their boys love series. Others want a new BL series for them!  

Once more, congratulations BrightWin for another successful concert series! Keep up the good work and more power handsome boys! 07/17/2023 (Boys Love Central)

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