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MaxTul Shares Funny Yet Sweet Videos Together

No one could really surpass their closeness! On and off cam, MaxTul, the BL tandem of the hot Thai actors Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn better known as Korn and Knock or KornKnock of the hit BL series "Together With Me," "Together With Me Next Chapter,"  and "Bad Romance" were really close! Their friendship is truly undeniable!

Well as proofs, their recent videos in TikTok, IGs, and IG stories were so lovely, sweet, and funny! They shared great moments together! Even in their endorsements, they shared good videos together!

I know you already watch those said videos and you already fall in love with them over and over again! So for today, let me compile those MaxTul moments in one great video!

Here is their 'sweet' moments together merged into one lovely funny video. Let's all watch this:

Do you miss MaxTul? Definitely! Hope to see them together again in one new BL series! But for now, we all contented seeing them together in good hands in their respective Social Media.

More power our loves MaxTul! Keep the love and stay close and 'inlove'! 05/31/2020 (Boys Love Central)

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