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"Cherry Magic" Thailand Cool Official Posters

TayNew is back! After years of waiting, the well-loved tandem of Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom returns on a BL series via the Thai's adaptation of the hit Japanese BL series "Cherry Magic 30 Years of Virginity."

In the series produced by GMMTV, New plays the character of Achi, an ordinary employee who eventually developed the power of reading the other person's mind when he reach the age of 30. Tay on the other hand portrays the role of Karan, the colleague of Achi who has a secret feelings for him.    

The BL romcon series is now airing on the GMMTV network and in the Viu streaming platform. It is now currently on its 8TH episode. 

Oh well as we are enjoying the fun and hilarious story of the series, we will definitely enjoy the fun and cool posters of it! And here they go:

The series is now gaining more popularities and million views on the streaming platform. And yes, it is always trending in its every episode! Fans really love TayNew! Great job Polca!    

On our next post, we will share more updates and great news about this boys love series and more exciting updates about TayNew! So stay tune Polcas! 12/28/2023 (Boys Love Central)

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