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Look: The Cute Posters of 'The Miracle of Teddy Bear!'

After sharing you the trailer of the current hit Netflix Thai BL series "The Miracle of Teddy Bear," it's time now to take a glance of its cute posters.

Well without further talks, let's all check out these cutie posters of "The Miracle of Teddy Bear." Here they go:


Meanwhile, here is the book cover of the series since it came from the novel. Let's check this out:

"The Miracle of Teddy Bear"  stars In Sarin Ronnakiat and Job Thuchapon Koowongbundit who are playing the lead characters of Tofu/Nueng and Nat. They are joined by Tee Thanapon Jarujitranon and First Parada Chutchavalchotikul who are playing the side couple Song and Gen!

The series is currently airing in Netflix and in Thailand's local TV channel Channel 3. It has a total of 16 episodes! 04/30/2022 (Boys Love Central)

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