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'Vice Versa' Official Posters Released!

Seems that GMMTV is giving us more and more BL series this 2022! One after another, even two or three BL series a week, all are given to us! And they were set for another boys love series that would start this month. And this is 'Vice Versa!'

The series is giving us brand new BL couple! They are Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok and Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert who will be playing the characters of  Puen / Tun and Talay / Tess.

Before we finally watch the series, let's take a look first at these official posters of this exciting BL. Here they go:


Meanwhile, here is a glimpse of the story:

Talay wakes up in the body of a man named Tess and meets Puen, a famous actor who is now in the body of Tun following an accident. Both of them have to live their lives in a universe different from their own. They might even be each other's "portkeys," people who can help them return to where they came from once they have completed what they hope to achieve. The two have Phuwadol, a nurse who helps people from the same universe they left behind, to guide them through life in this new universe.

Tun and Talay have a mission to fulfill, and they are assisted by their pals Kita, Fuse, and Friend Credits members Up and Au. Love and friendship grow with them in the new universe. What will happen with their mission? Will they be able to get back to their home universe? 

How excited are you on this upcoming boys love series?! 07/06/2022 (Boys Love Central)


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