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"Semantic Error" Korean BL Full Trailer

It seems that the year 2022 is for Korean BL Drama! This year, more and more KBL or Korean BL are rising and gaining more popularity! And one of these BL KDrama is "Semantic Error." 

"Semantic Error"  is a drama adaptation of the popular award-winning BL webtoon by the same name, (시맨틱 에러 in Korean) written by Jeo SuRi, and illustrated by Kim Angy. The lead BL couple of the series are Park SeoHam who is former KNK member and JaeChan who is a DONGKIZ member. They are playing the characters of Jang JaeYoung and Choo SangWoo.

Well without further ado, let's watch first the full trailer of this said Korean boys love series. Here it goes:

“Semantic Error” is a web novel-turned-webtoon. The webtoon gained more popularity and has won multiple awards including “2018 Ridi Books BL Novels Grand Prize," "2019 Ridi Books BL Novels Most Review" and, "2020 A.N.D. Awards Digital Content Winner.”

To let you visualize its webtoon version, check this out below:

The series is all about a campus romance BL where top outsider “Choo SangWoo” from the Department of Computer Science and “Jang JaeYoung” from the design department meet as a developer and a designer, respectively. 

The series is currently airing in the Gagaoolala streaming app. And yes, this is one of the favorite Korean BL series today gaining more views, popularity, and good feedback.

Have you already watched this KDrama BL? Stay tune as we are sharing more updates about this series on the coming days! Great job Korea for bringing us another successful BL drama like this! 03/13/2022 (Boys Love Central)

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