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"Semantic Error" KDrama BL Official Poster

Can't get enough of the newest Korean BL Drama "Semantic Error?" Well, check out below the different versions of its official poster! Here they go:

The series is topbilled by Park SeoHam who is former KNK member and JaeChan who is a DONGKIZ member. They are playing the characters of Jang JaeYoung and Choo SangWoo respectively.

To give you a glimpse of the two lead characters, JaeYoung (Park SeoHam) is a student in the design department and is recognized on campus for his model-like proportions and handsome appearance. On the other hand, SangWoo (Park JaeChan) is an inflexible outsider from the Department of Computer Science. He possesses a serious demeanor and always sticks to his principles.

"Semantic Error"  is based on webtoon written by Jeo SuRi, and illustrated by Kim Angy. It is currently airing and it continuously capturing our hearts! 

Have you already watched this series? Feel free to share us your thoughts and feedback about it! 03/13/2022 (Boys Love Central)

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