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Gym Time with Park Solomon!

From "All of Us Are Dead"  to stardom!

After playing the character of Su Hyeok in the smash hit Netflix original zombie Korean series "All of Us Are Dead," Park Solomon or Lomon is now one of the favorite and most loved oppas! He is now everybody's crush! And just like you, he is now one of our crushes dominating our crush list!

And so, I'm joining you stalking this Korean heartthrob! Let me share with you some of his previous sexy photos! Here are some of his gym photos taken before his "All of Us Are Dead Stardom!" Let's go and let's stare at his sexy hot body:

Oh yeah, Baby Lomon is really hot and sexy! We really love him much! Hope he will have his own Korean BL or KBL soon! He is a perfect match to "All of Us Are Dead" co-star Yoon Chan Young who played the character of Cheong San! Yes, we are Su Hyeok and Cheong San shippers! 

Lomon is indeed one of the yummy Korean hunks in the future! Keep it up baby! 03/06/2022 (Boys Love Central)


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