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BrightWin Reenacts the Trailer of "Side By Side" During their Concert in Japan!

Always a perfect duo!

One of the hottest BL couples BrightWin or the tandem of Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin  just had their successful "Side By Side" concert in Japan last weekend. And on one of their BTS or behind-the-scenes photos, the duo reenacted one of the scenes in the official trailer of "Side By Side." 

Fans really have a keen eyesight. They put side-by-side the said scene from the trailer and the actual pose of BrightWin during the concert. And here it goes:

Did they exactly recreate the scene from their trailer?

They were really cute and seems so funny together! They have full of good vibes! And by the way, Bright's long hair here fits him!

Once more, congrats BrightWin for a successful "Side By Side" concert in Japan! More to come krub! 06/22/2023 (Boys Love Central) 

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