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Earth Pirapat and Ohm Pawat's Chemistry in "Our Skyy 2:" The "Bad Buddy" x "A Tale of Thousand Stars" Crossover!

We have another ghost ship! But this time, between the two tops of EarthMix and OhmNanon BL couples!

Yeah, the last four episodes of "Our Skyy 2" are the crossover of "Bad Buddy Series"  starring Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat and of "A Tale of Thousand Stars" starring Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap.  And their second episode is so hilarious that BL fans are shifting Earth and Ohm or Chief Phu and Pat.

After a drunken night, Pat and Chief Phu found themselves topless walking up in the morning. And here are their fun photos of their said hilarious scene:

Their hilarious scene didn't end up in their topless moment. BL fans screamed when Chief Phu and Pat re-enacted the t-shirt and the wife scene of "A Tale of Thousand Stars" - Chief Phu gave the shirt to Pat saying that wives are wearing their shirts. But Pat immediately replied, "I'm not your wife!" Remember that Chief Phu and Teacher Tian's same scenario?   

Seeing the chemistry between Pat and Phu or Ohm and Earth in the crossover finale episodes of "Our Skyy 2," do you want a series for these two BL tops?!

And yes, Ohm Pawat is really a very versatile actor! Just like Singto Prachaya, Ohm Pawat can also be paired with chemistry to different BL actors! So amazing! 06/13/2023 (Boys Love Central)



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