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PondPhuwin x JoongDunk for Love Out Loud's Lovolution

PondPhuwin x JoongDunk

Two of the next generation BL couples of GMMTV collaborated on one of the posters of "Love Out Loud" 2023's Lovolotion.

And here is the said cool poster of PondPhuwin and JoongDunk:

PondPhuwin or JoongDunk - who did the pose better?

"Love Out Loud" 2023 is the second installation of GMMTV's BL actors' concert. It features this time their six next generation's BL couples. And two of these are PondPhuwin or Pond Naravit and Phuwin Tangsakyuen and JoogDunk or Joong Archen Aydin and Dunk Natachai!  

Prior to this said concert, PondPhuwin and JoongDunk starred in the recently concluded "Our Skyy 2." Keep the fire burning lovers! 06/29/2023 (Boys Love Central) 

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