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MaxTul on a Hot Cover of Attitude Magazine

Are you missing the hottest and the fittest BL couple in the BL World? Well, here's something for you that will truly activate your senses.

Known as MaxTul or KornKnock from three successive BL series namely "Bad Romance," "Together With Me," and "Together With Me The Next Chapter," Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn are Thailand's hottest and well-loved BL actors and BL couples. Yes, they were one of the pioneers of the BL series dominating the Boys Love universe!  

What more, their 'hot' physical appearance having a fit, muscular, and sexy gorgeous body make them one of the top favorite and most in-demand actors not only as a BL couple but as an individual actor. 

Way back in September 2017 during the heat of their first hit series called "Together With Me," the two also became hunk cover couple of Thai's trending magazine, the Attitude mag. Check them out below on the said cover:

I'm currently having a marathon watching their three BL series. And yeah, they were truly oozing with charm and hotness! 

Well if you watch to relive the love story of Korn and Knock, feel free to re-watch them here in our blog site 'cause I included a playlist of the full episodes with English subtitles of their BL series namely "Bad Romance," "Together With Me,"  and "Together With Me Next Chapter" here in our Watch Full Episodes page. Just feel free to navigate!

#MaxTul or #KornKnock, you two are truly the hottest! Saluting the gods of BL, your highness! 05/21/2020 (Boys Love Central)

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  1. Sono bellissimi. Bravissimi. Recitano benissimo. Peccato che viva in Italia. Avrei voluto conoscerli. Tul è molto molto intelligente. E Max è migliorato moltissimo. Li amo.


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