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GMMTV's 'Royal Four' Couples are Coming for a Global Live Fan Meeting!

The so-called 'Royal Four' are coming... And they are ready to dominate the world...
Not one, nor two... but FOUR!

GMMTV's biggest, hottest,  and most powerful four BL series love teams are coming together for a Global Live Fan Meeting via VLIVE and ZOOM!

The Royal Four couples who captured our hearts from their different hit BL series are Peraya or KristSingto, OffGun, TayNew, and BrightWin.

The four royal tandems rose from great stardom after leading in the different boys love series like "Sotus" and "Sotus S" (Peraya), "Theory of Love" (OffGun), "Kiss Me Again" and "Dark Blue Kiss" (TayNew), and "2Gether The Series" (BrightWin).

Here are the schedule of their Live Global Fan Meeting:
  • Peraya - May 30, 2020
  • OffGun - June 6, 2020
  • TayNew - June 13, 2020
  • BrightWin - June 20, 2020
Meanwhile, watch this video from GMMTV revealing further details of the exciting events:

The tickets selling will start on May 22, 2020 on VLIVE. It cost 1,500 coins (~900 Baht) per show!

Special activities include the following:
  1. A ticket holder can win a chance to be part of the show, register to be one of the 200 lucky fans who get to turn their cameras on and have fun with us via ZOOM.
  2. Some of the 200 lucky fans will be randomly selected to interact with artists during the show
More exciting surprises will be revealed during the event!

#Peraya, #OffGun, #TayNew, or #BrightWin ... which of the four do you like and love the most?! See you all on the event guys and support your top favorite tandem! 05/21/2020 (Boys Love Central) 

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