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Gymtime Groupie with PondPhuwin, Dunk Natachi, Gemini Norawit, and Ohm Pawat!

Gym is the place where we do workouts, exercise, sports, and any other active activities. But for these BL actors, it seems that the gym is a place to have fun taking pictures and groupies!

Pond Naravit, Phuwin Tangsakyuen, Dunk Natachi, Gemini Norawit, and Ohm Pawat just had their fun groupie on the gym. And this is their cool photo altogether:

It seems that they just finished workout. Or maybe they are about to start they workout? How about they didn't do any workouts, they just had selfies or groupies instead? 

Well, having workouts or not, all of them are so cute! They were actually the next generation of GMMTV's BL actors! This is also the time that these boys are preparing for their LOL Fest 2023 which is so successful!

Great to see you all happy boys! More new BL series to come in the coming days! 06/29/2023 (Boys Love Cenral) 

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