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FourthMark Clingy and Sweet Moments at the Event! Sorry Gemini, Your Bestfriend is Hitting Your Boyfriend!

It seems that the series "My School President" will be changing its title. It will be "My School Vice-President" instead as the band leader Gunn seems like getting romantically close to the school's vice-president and bestfriend of his boyfriend Thiu! Hahaha! 

After the 'lips-to-lips' accidental kissing scene of Fourth Nattawat and Mark Pakin on Instagram which eventually turn as a hot trending topic in social media, Fourth and Mark once more became an item in twitter after their recent event together today, Sunday, June 4.

Fourth and Mark or FourthMark is now trending on twitter after their event together with Vichy M89 Cream. The official hashtag #VichyM89CreamxFourthMark trended as fans of GeminiFourth and "My School President" keep on tweeting and discussing clingy and sweet photos and videos of FourthMark together. They love the closeness of P'Mark and Nong Fourth.

The two also played cool and fun games. What more, romance and jealousy filled the air as the host asked intriguing questions about Fourth and Mark! And netizens were so attentively capturing the clingy and closeness screenshots of FourthMark.

And of course, here are some of the video clips of FourthMark's clingy and sweet moments during the event as tweeted by the fans. Let's all watch these:

And there you go! Do you think Gemini Norawit  is getting jealous while watching Fourth and Mark? Or Gemini has a full trust with his boyfriend and bestfriend?  

Seems that the FourthMark  ghost ship is rising! Do you want to see these two together as a BL couple in a new series? Gemini Norawit and Ford Arun will be sad if that's the case! 06/05/2023 (Boys Love Central)    

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