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So Cute! Gemini Norawit Drinking Milk Tea

He's so cute! Gun will definitely fall in love with him more when he sees his school president as cute as this!

Look, Gemini Norawit, our very own "My School President" is so cute when drinking a milk tea. Check him out below:

This is taken during one of Gemini's events. Our baby Gemini couldn't stand the summer heat so he grab and sip some milk tea. Actually, it's a chocolate milk tea! And Gemini was caught cute while having his refreshment!

Norawit Titicharoenrak or better known as Gemini is now everyone's favorite teen BL actor after playing the character of Tin, the school president who is deeply falling in love with the band leader Gun (played by Fourth Nattawat) in the 2023 hit GMMTV boys love series "My School President." Gemini and Fourth's tandem now called GeminiFourth also instantly rose to fame! 

You're so very cute Gemini! We love you more and more everyday! 05/26/2023 (Boys Love Central)

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