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"Redo" (Ost. of "Be My Favorite") by Krist Perawat Official Music Video

Who's excited for the upcoming GMMTV BL series "Be My Favorite?" Well, count me in! This is another exciting and most promising boys love series pairing for the first time Krist Perawat and Fluke Gawin Caskey. 

The series is set to premiere this Friday, May 26, 2023 replacing the recently concluded ForceBook series "A Boss and A Babe."

But before we witness the first episode of this exciting BL series, it's time to watch first its cool official theme song. The official soundtrack or OST of the series is called "Redo" sung by no other than Krist Perawat. And of course, his new BL partner Fluke Gawin is with him acting on the video! Oh yeah, they were so cute together!

And so without further ado, let's watch the official music video of "Redo," the Ost.บทกวีของปีแสง "Be My Favorite." Here it goes:


They were so cute together! A new BL couple called GawinKrist  or KristGawin is now waiving! Fans were really screaming!

The music video is also full of good vibes. It's very relaxing and full of love. Krist sings very well! He is so talented - he can sing and act well at the same time!

Of course Krist's newest BL partner Fluke Gawin is so handsome and talented too! With his smile and how he look at Krist, I really can't help but fall in love with him! And just like Krist, Fluke can sing and act too! Fluke Gawin's voice is so lovely and angelic! Hope we can see Krist and Fluke Gawin singing together on their next music video!   

Congrats Krist and Fluke! Good job on the OST and music video! Can't wait to watch you together later tonight! 05/26/2023 (Boys Love Central)


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