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"Our Skyy" Season 2 Making Us Fall In Love 8 Times!

Love is really in the air, or should I say in the sky?! Oh yeah, its time to fall in love over and over again, not once, not twice nor thrice but times 8! 

Eight love teams, the next generation of GMMTV's love teams are now capturing our hearts with the second  season of "Our Skyy."  Well if in 2018 KristSingto, OffGun, PluemChimon, DrakeFrank, and TayNew made us fall in love, this 2023 "Our Sky" Season 2 put more love in the air with 8 new love birds!

PondPhuwin, JoongDunk, FirstKhaotung, JimmySea, GeminiFourth, ForceBook, OhmNanon, and EarthMix will be our flavors of the week giving us good vibes with 8 episodes of this new Thai BL series sequel!

And these are their love stories for eight weeks:

Never Let Me Go (Thai prequel)
Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go (Thai compilation)

Star and Sky: Star in My Mind (Thai prequel)
Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind (Thai compilation)

The Eclipse (Thai prequel)
Our Skyy 2: The Eclipse (Thai compilation)

Vice Versa (Thai prequel)
Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa (Thai compilation)

My School President (Thai prequel)
Our Skyy 2: My School President (Thai compilation)

A Boss and a Babe (Thai prequel)
Our Skyy 2: A Boss and a Babe (Thai compilation)

Bad Buddy (Thai prequel)
Our Skyy 2: Bad Buddy (Thai compilation)

A Tale of Thousand Stars (Thai prequel)
Our Skyy 2: A Tale of Thousand Stars (Thai compilation)


Which of these love stories you like and love the most?

Catch "Our Skyy" Season 2 airing on GMMTV network and YouTube channel airing every Wednesdays and Thursdays! 05/12/2023 (Boys Love Central)



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