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'My Word' - The Ost. of Our Skyy แค่เพื่อนครับเพื่อน Performed by Ohm Pawat

If Nanon Korapat performed most of the theme songs and OST of their hit BL series "Bad Buddy Series," in the sequel of their series in "Our Skyy 2," his BL partner Ohm Pawat on the other hand performed the soundtrack.

As I've discussed in my previous post, our Baby Ohm sung and performed the OST of "Bad Buddy Series" in "Our Skyy 2" which is called "My Word."

In the said music video, Ohm is dramatically lovely and funny together with Nanon as their reprised their characters as Pat and Pran from their hit series.  

Well as promised, here is the official music video of "My Word," the official soundtrack theme of Bad Buddy's episode of "Our Skyy" Season 2. Let's all watch this and fall in love over and over again with OhmNanon. Here they go:

"Bad Buddy" is actually the second to the last part of "Our Skyy 2" which is airing this week, May 30 and 31 (Tuesday and Wednesday) in GMMTV network and in their official YouTube channel. The series will be concluded next with with EarthMix's story, "A Tale of a Thousand Stars."

Oh well, good job OhmNanon! You two really nailed your characters! Hope to see you more on your next BL series together! 05/31/2023 (Boys Love Central)

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