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OhmNanon is Always a Perfect Match!

OhmNanon or the tandem of the Thai actors Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat is always a perfect match! Whether on school uniform, casual wear, sports gears, or even on their formal attire, they are always looking good together!

Well if your missing Pat and Pran of "Bad Buddy Series" or let say the OhmNanon themselves, here is an update photo of this two:


The two just posted this selfie days ago. They have attended one of their events together. Or probably we can say, they went out for a romantic date?!

OhmNanon as a BL couple immediately rose on fame after the success of their 2021 hit Thai BL series "Bad Buddy Series" from GMMTV. They are now one of the hottest BL pair pillars of GMMTV and of Thailand!

And just recently, they had their OhmNanon Fan Meetings in the different countries around the globe! Congrats OhmNanon! 01/29/2023 (Boys Love Central)

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