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"Fish Upon the Sky" Lead BL Couples MorkPi and DueanMeen - PondPhuwin and NeoLouis Go on a Fun Livestream!

"Fish Upon the Sky" is today's hit rom-com BL series from GMMTV. The series is spreading love and good vibes every Friday night. The characters, the story are truly making us fall in love! 

And just recently, the series' two main BL couples namely the MorkPi and the DueanMeen or the PondPhuwin and NeoLouis went on a fun livestream!

Pond Naravit, Phuwin Tangsakyuen, Neo Trai, and Louis Thanawin all wore their signature "Fish Upon the Sky" signature merch white shirt while having their livestream. Pond started the IG Live and joined by Phuwin then followed by Neo and Louis.

Well without further talks, here is their full live video:

During their livestream, the actual number of live viewers increased from 24K to almost 30K proving how in-demand and well-loved these BL couples. Even international fans didn't understand what they were talking about since the cast were all talking in their Thai language, they kept on watching and posting their comments. They stayed for a night long watching these four cuties!

The tandem of Pond and Phuwin is well-accepted by many of us including yours truly! Many say that PondPhuwin BL couple is the next BrightWin since the two young lead cuties have similarities with Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin wherein Pond is the new Bright while Phuwin is the new Win. We may also recall that the BrightWin's smash phenomenal hit BL series "2Gether The Series" also aired on the same date and on the same timeslot last year.  

Moreover, did you know that both Pond and Phuwin were both part of "The Gifted Graduation" Thai drama series? Yes, Phuwin played one of the lead cast members Third while Pond is on the additional sponsored story at the end of every episode playing the loving best friend of the girl with special power who was loving another student.

Congrats to the four of you Pond, Phuwin, Neo, and Louis for this successful series! "Fish Upon the Sky" is really our happy pill every Friday night! This is really on top of our favorite BL series this 2021! Good job baby boys! 05/25/2021 (Boys Love Central)

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