TayNew Sweet Momemts Together!

From "Kiss The Series"  to "Kiss Me Again"  to "Dark Blue Kiss"...  TayNew or PeteKao, the love team of the Thai heartthrob actors Tay Tawan  and New Thitipoom is one of the most loved tandem in the BL World! And yes, they already captured our hearts with their complementing characters in their trilogy BL series.

Though their series already concluded, TayNew didn't failed to give fans updates about their recent projects, current whereabouts, latest guesting, and social media presence. 

Well, to satisfy our cravings for more TayNew updates, here are their great good moments together compiled in one video! Let's all watch this and feel the TayNew love wishing for another kiss:

Tay and New were also seen regularly in the GMMTV's online show #TayNewMealDate where the BL couple explore different food trips and shared exciting and wacky experience!

After the success of "Dark Blue Kiss,"  hope we can see again Pete and Kao or Tay and New in another exciting Boys Love Series! Keep up the good work and keep the love TayNew! We truly love you two! 05/31/2020 (Boys Love Central)

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