How Well Do You Love the Finale of "2Gether The Series?"

Right before the finale of the hit Thai BL Series "2Gether The Series,"  the said episode became a trending topic in the world wide web. Though it's not yet 10:30pm of Friday, May 15, 2020, viewers, netizens, fans, and supporters of the said series were actively taking part and talking about the series and the ships they all love specially the BrightWin  or the SarawaTine.

During the whole day of Friday, the hashtags related to "2Getther The Series"  like #2GetherTheSeriesFinale  and #2GetherTheSeriesEP13 including their Thai counterparts took the No. 1 in Twitter not only in the Philippines or in Thailand, but worldwide!
And so before the grand finale took place, I made a prediction and reaction vlog taking about how the finale will go. Well, here is the said video. Let's watch this out:

The series gives rise to four well-love love teams namely the ManType, the MilPhukong, the DimGreen, and of course our very own SarawaTine. Of these four tandems, who do you like and love the most?!

Taking about the ending, who well do you like it? Are you satisfied? Do you think there will be a Season 2? Feel free to post your thoughts and comments below! 05/20/2020 (Boys Love Central)

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