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Gulf Kanawut and Pond Naravit in One Frame

Two BL actors in one photo!

It's a rare opportunity to see two BL actors from two different networks in one photo together specially if they are not that related. But for Gulf Kanawut and Pond Naravit, they made it possible!

Yes, Gulf and Pond posed their photo together in social media. Though they are from two different generations of BL era, Gulf and Pond looks similar or identical. Actually, they look like twins or brothers!

Well, here is the said photo of Gulf and Pond together:

Gulf Kanawut or Baby Kana becomes so popular BL actor after playing the character of Type in the hit BL series "TharnType" pairing him with Mew Suppasit. The series had two seasons because of its success! 

On the other hand, Pond Naravit rose in fame after starring a lead role in the GMMTV BL series "Fish Upon The Sky" pairing him for the first time with Phuwin Tangsakyuen. The two reunited this 2023 via the new BL series "Never Let Me Go" which also had a followup sequel in an episode of "Our Skyy 2."

MewGulf and PondPhuwin, a bottom and a top in a BL series - Gulf and Pond are indeed amazing to see together in one frame! Who wants a project or a series for this two together? 07/01/2023 (Boys Love Central)  

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