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"The Moon Represents My Heart" (Ost.Moonlight Chicken)

Who's familiar with the iconic Chinese song "The Moon Represents My Heart?"

Well, three of our favorite Thai BL couples namely EarthMix, FirstKhaotung, and GeminiFourth made their very own rendition of this song. And their version was used as OST or Official Soundtrack of their recently concluded BL series "Moonlight Chicken."     

So without further ado, here is their lovely version of the song in a music video. Let's all watch this:

เพลง The Moon Represents My Heart (เพลงประกอบซีรีส์ Moonlight Chicken พระจันทร์มันไก่) are interpreted by นักร้อง Earth Pirapat (เอิร์ท พิรพัฒน์), Mix Sahaphap (มิกซ์ สหภาพ), First Kanaphan (เฟิร์ส คณพันธ์), Khaotung Thanawat (ข้าวตัง ธนวัฒน์), Fourth Nattawat (โฟร์ท ณัฐวรรธน์), Gemini Norawit (เจมีไนน์ นรวิชญ์).

How well do you love this song? Feel free to share us your thoughts about it! 05/14/2023 (Boys Love Central)


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