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'The Eclipse' Newest Thai BL Series Official Posters and Trailers

GMMTV  is set again for another exciting BL series this 2022! And this is "The Eclipse" which just premiered this Friday, August 12, 2022 taking the timeslot of the recently concluded "Star & Sky"  BL series!

"The Eclipse" paired for the first time two of GMMTV's rising BL actors First Kanaphan Puitrakul and Khaotung Thanawat Ratanakitpaisan  who are playing the characters of Akk and Ayan.   

The series also reunited the BL couple Louis Thanawin Teeraphosukarn and Neo Trai Nimtawat  who rose in fame after their first teamup in the 2021's hit Bl series "Fish Upon the Sky."  

Well without further ado, let's check first two of the official posters of "The Eclipse." Here they go:

Meanwhile, here are two of the official trailers of the series. The first one was launched last year during the program launch of GMMTV while the second one was the recently released official trailer before the premiere of the series.

Let's watch these two:

To give you a quick glimpse about how the story goes, here is a short summary of this newest BL series:

The country's leading all-boys school, Suppalo School, is strictly governed. Rumour has it that there is a curse that will punish students who act out, a curse that grows stronger as the solar eclipse nears. If there are rules, there will naturally be those who want to break them. A group of students calling themselves “The World Remembers” unite to challenge the school's authority and demand their rights.

Head student prefect Akk and his cohorts have the constant task of dissuading the rebel group. Then Ayan, a mysterious new student arrives. Akk has to keep an eye on Ayan, this boy whose behaviour is so odd and who regularly challenges the school's norms.

Ayan has enrolled in hopes of discovering the person who pushed his uncle Dika to suicide. His only evidence leading him to Suppalo School is in his uncle's old notebook. Ayan's method of dealing with Akk's scrutiny is to toy with him. 

Have you already watched the first episode?! Well, feel free to share us your thoughts and opinions here in our comment section below! Such another exciting Thai BL series to watch! Let's go! 08/13/2022 (Boys Love Central)


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