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"Enchante" BL Series Official Posters

After the success of OhmNanon's very first BL series "Bad Buddy Series," GMMTV immediately replace it with a new boys love series called "Enchante."

"Enchante" features the fresh new tandem of ForceBook, the love team of Force Jiratchapong and Book Kasidet.

So for our today's post, let me feature with you the two official posters of "Enchante." Here they go:

The first poster features ForceBook together with the other cast members while the second poster centers on ForceBook BL couple.

Both posters were really great! Book and library are the theme of the said posters since these elements play an important part in the story.

Have you already watched the series? Let me hear your thoughts about this. Congrats ForceBook for bagging the lead roles in the series, another promising BL couple from GMMTV to catch and adore with! 02/17/2022  (Boys Love Central)

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