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"Cutie Pie Series" Starring Zee Pruk and New Chawarin Trailers Officially Released

ZeeNew or the tandem of Zee Pruk  and New Chawarin is the newest BL couple to watch out this 2022! And they lead in the upcoming boys love series, "Cutie Pie Series."

And just recently, the new official trailer of the series has been released. And here how it goes:

Three months ago, the official pilot trailer of the series was also released. And here it is:

Which of these two trailers do you like and love the most?!

Aside from Zee and New, "Cutie Pie Series" also stars the MaxNat BL couple Max Saran and Nat Natasitt together with Tutor Koraphat Lamnoi, Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa, Perth Nakhun Screaigh, Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti, and Tonnam Piamchon.

"Cutie Pie Series" is coming to hit the BL world very soon! 02/03/2022 (Boys Love Central)


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