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"Bad Buddy Series" Full Trailer

OhmNanon takes the BL world by storm via their smash hit BL series, the "Bad Buddy Series." 

The series started on the last week of September 2021 and just ended last week, January 21, 2022 with 12 iconic episodes. Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat played the lead characters of Pat and Pran who are rivals at first but eventually fall in love with each other.

Well, to relive the magical moments of PatPran or OhmNanon since all of us truly miss them, here's again the full trailer of "Bad Buddy Series."  Here they go:

"Bad Buddy Series" is also the very first BL series of Nanon Korapat. This is also his first team up with Ohm Pawat as his lover forming the well-loved OhmNanon BL couple.

After the success of "Bad Buddy Series," who's still hoping for a season 2? Count us in! 01/28/2022 (Boys Love Central)


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