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The Curse is Break! 2Gether The Series Episode 11 Recap and Review

Tine and Sarawat finally break the curse! Instead of the expected heartache, tears, and pain on the Episode 11 of the hit Thai BL series "2Gether The Series," the episode turned to be one of the best, one of the sweetest, and most of the most 'kilig' episode of our well-love love team SarawaTine  or BrightWin.

They always say that Episode 11 of every Thai BL series was a curse since all the conflicts, all the twists, all the pains, heartaches, and heartbreaks took place in the said episode just like what happen to the Boys Love series like TharnType, Theory of Love, Sotus, Why R U, and Dark Blue Kiss. But "2Gether The Series" break the curse! 

I know most of you still can't get over on the said episode. Therefore, here is our vlog featuring a recap of "2Gether The Series"  Episode 11 as well as our reaction and review. Let's watch this and feel the love of Tine and Sarawat over and over again:

Aside from the romantic sweet episode of Tine and Sarawat, the episode also showcased a comedy and hilarious side stories of Green (Green) who wore as a white lady, Mil (Drake)'s failure to get Tine, P'Dim's comic support to Sarawat sabotaging Mil, and the effort of Man (Mike) to capture the heart of his love P'Type (Toptap). 

Now the question goes, are you ready for Episode 12 this Friday? Will the expected heartbreak be moved on this episode instead since it was shown in the teaser the coming of Pam, the girl first love of Sarawat. And yes, Mil also plays third wheel to SarawaTine on this said episode. Gosh!

Produced by GMMTV, "2Gether The Series" stars today's two of the hottest fast rising Thai actors Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin. The series will air its final episode, the Episode 13 on May 15, 2020. (Boys Love Central)

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